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What Is Content Marketing?

In essence, content marketing is telling your story. It is about grabbing an audience and on a consistent basis distributing relevant information. Think Ben and Jerry’s, think Coca Cola, even think Denny’s. These are all content marketing campaigns that tell a never ending story. You will want to check back.

Content marketing can be your blog, it can be social media, it can be video hosted on You Tube. We have seen in comic books (selling action figure dolls), and we’ve even seen it on the big screen (Lego Movie). Any form of media available can be used to tell your story. Which ever medium you use, you want your content to be fresh and consistent.

Does It Need To Be Different?

The more unusual the better. There is so much information being thrown at us today. You need to separate yourself from the crowd. If the story you are telling is bland, no one will listen.

Every story can be turned into something Special. There is an audience fore every business out there. The magic comes with telling the right story, to the right audience. With a consistent story your audience will find their way back to your blog, or Instagram feed, or You Tube channel.

What About Video?

Should you being using video in your content marketing strategy? We get asked this a lot. Lets look at some quick stats:

  • Social Video generate 1200% more shares than text and image combined
  • Businesses the incorporate video gain 41% more web visits than those who don’t
  • Businesses using video grow their revenue 49% faster than those who don’t.
  • 60% of millennials prefer to watch video over reading an article.
  • 55% of people watch video onlineĀ everyday.

So the answer is yes. You should be using video as part of your story telling. Start your budget today for video content marketing and you will be reaping the rewards tomorrow.

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