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What Is Search Engine Marketing?

How do I get on the first page of search engines quickly? Search Engine Marketing. 

Also know as Pay Per Click or PPC, search engine marketing is the purchasing ad space on search engine results. It is the fastest way to target a demographic that is searching for a product or service that you provide. It is not as easy as just giving Google some money and poof, your add is showing up.

Google has an Adwords ranking formula that they mix together. This includes bid price, Quality Score and ad format. Google weighs your scores for these categories and ranks the bids.

Should I Spend On PPC?

Do you have an ad budget? Where is it being spent and what is the ROI? Many forms of advertising are spray and pray – Billboards, Flyers, Print Advertisement. You can spend thousands of dollars and then you sit back and wait for the phone to ring. Never knowing 100% what your ROI was.

With search engine marketing you can focus in on what the value of your ad spend is. You can run A/B tests and make changes on the fly. Data is available in almost real time. Most importantly – you only pay when a user is interested in your ad and clicks through.

The Strategy

Analytics. We constantly collect data from the ad campaigns. Improvements are made and more test are performed. Winning bids and gaining an audience with search engine marketing is both an art and science.

You don’t necessarily have to have the highest bid to land in the number one ad spot. Though it is weighted more heavily than other facts. Your landing page, and overall relevance coupled with a great add format can give you the ability to have a lower bid and still end up in that top spot.

Are team is always testing and improving on campaigns.

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