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Why Invest In Search Engine Optimization?

Over half of website visits are driven through organic search. We still need to be visible to search engines. Recent statistics show that the click through rate for ranking #1 on Google is ~30%. Number 2 is ~15% and number 3 is ~10%. Number 11 is less than 1%. This tells us that you need to be ranking on the first page of a search engine to gain an audience for your keywords. The competition for ranking on the first page has never been greater. It will only intensify in the years to come. Google updates their algorithm thousands of times yearly, so what helped you rank today, may hurt you tomorrow. The study of SEO is an ever evolving practice that is time consuming

How Do I Rank?

It takes time. Unfortunately there is no instant gratification with search engine optimization. With a little elbow grease, progress can be made. It all starts with on page optimization. Search engines want to easily understand what you website and its inner pages are all about. They want to know what you do, who you sell to, and what makes you better. The art of on page SEO is make it user friendly and to appease the search engines. On page SEO can account for up to 40% of your ranking score. The next major hurdle is acquiring links. Search engines treat links as popularity votes. The more you have, the better your site is. But not just any link will do anymore.

What is Our Secret?

Relevance. Our SEO experts know that relevance is what drives search engines today. We need to ensure that both the content on page and the inbound links are relevant to our business. We need to entice search engines to rank our keywords. There is no sustainable short cuts for proper Search Engine Optimization. If we try to trick the search engine today, they will kick our ass tomorrow.  

We properly research relevant keywords and analyse how competitive those keywords will be to rank for. We analyse competitors, market trends, and we test. And re-test. And test again. We engage in link building campaigns that are based on both relevance and trust. After all, not all links are equal.

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