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Why is Social Media Important?

You are gaining an audience through organic search, so why is social media important. Plain and simple – It establish’s your brand.  We all know that brands are important. Some companies that have leveraged social to build their brands are Starbucks, Airbnb, GoPro. All companies that harnessed the power of social media to their advantage.

There are over 2 billion social media accounts. This means that social media is no a fad! It is here to stay and ignoring it is not an option. It is part of the marketing mix and a necessity for building your brand.

Social Benefits

  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Build a Community
  • Gain an Audience
  • Target an Audience
  • Audience Perception
  • Share Content
  • Target Content
  • Convert
  • Exposure
  • Generate Traffic
  • Improve SEO

Welcome To The Party!

So you have decided to join the social media party and are posting 5 times a day and not gaining any traction? There is so much happening in peoples social news feeds that a few posts a day will not get you notice.

You need to post often and have something to say that will get noticed. We study trends in social media and A/B test constantly. We know how many times a day we should post and we know how to engage your audience.

We can also manage your paid campaigns on social media and run your campaigns through the same vigorous testing and retesting that we do for all of our other campaigns.

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